Cold attack of Pakistan on India – Spreading Rumor on Indian Prime Minister

I am forced to write this Article because some of the people are asking the question that “Why Indian Prime Minister Modi is on the First Rank in Google when searching for “Top 10 Criminals of the World?”

See Friends, Mr. Narendra Modi is our Prime Minister and Whether you like him as Prime Minister of India or Not that is a different concern, however, Mr. Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India and His designation must be respected.

Now I will tell you how this bullshit is getting spread on google.

I have just searched on Google “top 10 criminals of the world” at around 5:55 AM October 2nd, 2017 and found below given result.


Image that showing Mr. Narendra Modi on Top 10 Criminal List on

Now let me inform you the below-given website was on the Top Rank and spreading up the rumors that the Modi is in the Top 10 Criminal and still on First Page of Google.

Top 10 Criminals of the World 2017 List – › Blog Pakistan

Oct 3, 2015 – Around our world as good people are lying but as it is said that black sheep’s are also found everywhere in our world and these evil persons …

Even the information for this Domain is not available on the whois info; however, still you can Report the abuse of this Domain.
Well Its quite easy for Google to put that domain in Spam because this Domain is showing the irrelevant information “Top 10 Criminals of the World” where the nature of the Domain –  is to provide JOB-Related information.
Report the link  –
“Inform them that they are showing the information which is absolutely irrelevant from the domain industry and the website claims that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the Criminal because of Samjhota Express Tragedy where he has found innocent in that case. This may cause the big problem in the entire country. Please cancel the registration of this domain”
Links associated with the website –
Thank you…………
“Believe in Yourself”

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Private or Government School..?

The debate between the comparison of private and government educational institutes will go on till eternity. Both have their own significance in their respective fields.

   Both types of institutes have much to nurture and reproduce the future champions of India. Is that only the schools who are responsible for the development of the children? If so, which could be better private or the Government ones? Many feel that the private institutes are better over government schools, is that true?


– Private schools have better infrastructure required for the physical and mental development of the child. They can help with the required facilities for the students to learn their lessons in a better way. The infrastructure can help them to have a practical approach to education.

– The private institutes are better in their approach towards the psychological development of the children.

– Private schools maintain better hygiene and environment which could safeguard the health of the students.

– The education imparted in the private schools are more of audio-visual now-a-days with the emergence of computers into the learning.

– Private schools can also provide better sport activities and equipments for the physical development of the children.

– Students can learn the civilized and modern approach which is of demand in the MNC culture which is feeding many of us in present era.


– Government schools are affordable and they provide the minimum required infrastructure to meet the basic needs.

– Private schools do not accommodate the low economic group students. Right to education is the freedom for everyone, and government schools provide education to all the children without any partiality.

– Policies like ‘ Free and compulsory education’ and ‘ Education to the girl child’ are made possible only in the government schools.

– Government schools also provide the basic sports facilities and physical education to the students.

– Private schools cannot compete in the essential educational requirements of the staffs that the government schools fulfil.

– Government institutes also provide good salary to their teaching and management faculties.


Private schools are definitely better than government schools as they would provide better infrastructure, better teacher to student ratio, have a clean & hygienic facility, provide better environment for students with options of personality development and extracurricular activities. Government schools may not be able to offer all these features but for those who cannot afford private schools, getting their children in government schools is better than no schooling at all.


Extra Points to boost your knowledge

Schools are considered as temple of knowledge. Private or government schools both impart the knowledge. However, there is a great difference between the two schools. The discussion on private and government school should be made on five important parameters that are the type of facilities, the batch size, quality of teaching, budgets and last but not the least administrative support.

Coming to the first point, facilities, it is more about the resources. On the facilities scale, it is the private schools who will win the race. They take the hefty fees and therefore, are in a position to provide the best facilities to students.

Second factor is the batch size. The batch size in government schools is undefined as the main motto is to accommodate as many students as they can. The larger batch size affects the quality of education.

The third factor is the quality of teaching. Here, it solely depends on the teaching staff. Private schools can hire the best teachers and pay them hefty salaries but again knowledge doesn’t differentiates between the types of schools.

The next factor is budget. Private schools can be attended by only those students who are in a position to pay the heavy fees of private schools. The government schools are affordable and make the perfect choice for the students who come from poor background.

The last factor is administrative support that is really poor in the government schools. There is no proper authority to answer on the career of the students. As a whole, private schools are better from the government schools in terms of resources and quality of education but again the government school opens the doors of education for everyone.

Private vs Government Schools of India

As per my understanding, there is the lack of the management handling the Government Schools that is the reason Private Schools are a primary option for the Parents and the Students. On the other hand, the expenses of the Government Schools are higher than the Private Schools.

So Why the Education is not better in Government Schools as Compare to the Private Schools?

Does Indian Government needs to work on Government Schools and Hospitals on priority basis ?

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