Our Aim

Thank you for showing your interest in visiting us. The Aim of MyRealIndia is to explore the interest of the people of India. In Today’s situation, there is lack of knowledge in between the ruling parties of India where the benefits go to the specified communities. So we are here to discuss the fundamentals from where we can grow faster and stay away from the illusion and the dilemma created.

Eventually, as the site name indicates My Real India so I would like to invite people as described below.

  1. Who vows that the Bharat Mata is not just a country. Bharat Maa is the mother of all Bhartiye.
  2. Citizen of India has a duty to work for their country in any situation for the growth and the betterment of the country.
  3. If you put your religion superior to the country than you must need to stay away from here at least.
  4. If you feel the difference between the poverty and the richer entities than you are not made to join us.
  5. We are not here to scold any of the Political Parties and We are not here to endorse any of the Political Parties.

I think that we all know that in reality, we are behind the growth of the world’s most developed countries then why we are crushed in between the developing countries. We are the oldest civilization of the world than why we still have unsatisfaction among the people in terms of the socialism and the brutal crime rate is higher.